Emergency services

Security Services / Emergency must be able to respond quickly to the unexpected such as flooding or power outages, while maintaining access to reliable centralized communication means.

Thanks to its quick and easy installation as well as its ability to function on a mobile network or satellite system, the TELFLEX MOBILE PBX SYSTEM offers a unique unified communication solution for stakeholders working in emergency measures.


With the largest commercial constellation, Iridium has 66 low-earth orbiting cross-linked satellites (LEO) and operates as a fully meshed network supported by several spare satellites. Iridium is the only service that provides global coverage.


Inmarsat has a large portfolio of voice and data services to meet your communication needs wherever they are. Broadband services offer high-speed voice and data simultaneously.


With the final launch of new satellites, Globalstar has completed a full upgrade of its overall satellite system in order to provide you with a reliable service at an affordable price.


It may look like a gadget but the SPOT has saved lives and will continue to do so. It is essential in expedition or for work in areas where the safety of your employees is threatened.