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About TelecomSat

TelecomSat is a leading satellite telecommunications distributor which offers a wide variety of satellite products to meet their clients’ individual communication needs.

TelecomSat’s clients are supported by the experience in technology and resources of the most recognized family of partners from the world of satellite communications. 

Whether on land, at sea or in the air, TelecomSat offers a range of products and service solutions to meet multiple satellite communication needs such as voice, fax, transfer of small amounts of data (SCADA ), transfer of packet data and high-speed Internet access.

TelecomSat’s mission is to match the right product and the right service to meet its client unique requirements.

TelecomSat’s clients include: government departments, multi-national corporations and individual adventure seekers.

The team

  • Gilles Gosselin

    Gilles is a telecommunications expert with over 20 years’ experience in the satellite communications sector.   His expertise ranges from product sales and installation; to comprehensive technical voice support and data transmission.   Gilles offers his clients exceptional service and unique problem solving options.

    As a client oriented professional, Gilles is adept at identifying client requirements and has experience designing communication solutions. 

    His knowledge is not limited to satellite communications but also in project management of land line, cellular and radio communications as well as data transfer.  

    As a telecommunications project manager, he performs site surveys, coordinates and assists with equipment installations.  He is able to provide advanced technical support and works closely with various service providers on projects related to the design, development and deployment of additional satellite products.

  • Jocelyne Myre

    Jocelyne Myre has over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and over 20 years in the automobile manufacturing industry. She has a successful track record in management and results while implementing operational improvements to enhance your services.

    Having worked in the telecommunications industry with giants such as; Iridium, MSAT, Connect, Skycom, HSE, HSI satellite systems; she worked closely with the Iridium product line in activations and replenishments for several years as well as the administration of national and international tenders in addition to sales and service agreements for fixed sites and mobile satellite applications.

    Jocelyne was a key player in implementing a national aftersales diagnostic information system for a global automotive manufacturer. Specifically, she was responsible for implementing the satellite communications component of a computer system.


With the largest commercial constellation, Iridium has 66 low-earth orbiting cross-linked satellites (LEO) and operates as a fully meshed network supported by several spare satellites. Iridium is the only service that provides global coverage.


Inmarsat has a large portfolio of voice and data services to meet your communication needs wherever they are. Broadband services offer high-speed voice and data simultaneously.


With the final launch of new satellites, Globalstar has completed a full upgrade of its overall satellite system in order to provide you with a reliable service at an affordable price.


It may look like a gadget but the SPOT has saved lives and will continue to do so. It is essential in expedition or for work in areas where the safety of your employees is threatened.